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Here you can find the collective works published after RERIS congress

Forthcoming (February 2020):

"Les dirigeants du sport international. Special issue"

edited by Grégory Quin and Cyril Polycarpe

STAPS. Revue internationale d'histoire du sport

Papers presented during the 2016 RERIS conference



!!! RERIS has now its own collection that will be available soon by De Gruyter!!!

Find here the flyers of the collection entitled

"Transnational Sport History"



Forthcoming (December 2019):

Histories of Women's Work in Global Sport. A Man's World.

edited by Georgia Cervin and Claire Nicolas

Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan

Papers presented during the 2017 RERIS conference



"Negociating the Cold War"

International sports bodies during the first period of the Cold War 

Sport in history (Special issue)

Published in September 2017

More information here

Beyond Boycotts

Sport during the Cold War

in Europe

De Gruyter ("Rethinking the Cold War") 

Published in January 2018

More information here