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Alberto Aragón-Pérez

Title: PhD


Academic position: Autonomous University of Barcelona

Key words: Barcelona’92, Sustainabiblity, Environmental monitoring, Legacy

Natalia Camps Y Wilant

Title: PhD 


Academic position: Independent Scholar

Key words: Olympic history, Olympic Art Competitions, female participants, Coubertin family, Charles de Coubertin, visual sources

Anaïs Bohuon

Title: PhD


Academic position: Professor, University of Paris Sud

Key words: Gender - Medicine- Sport- Body- Intersectionality

Title: PhD candidate


Academic position: University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and ATER, University of Rouen

Key words: Women sports leaders, Gender, Feminism, Transnational influences

Georgia Cervin

Title: PhD


Academic position: researcher, University of Western Australia

Key words: Gymnastics, Cold War, Women's sport, Olympic history

Yannick Deschamps

Title: PhD Candidate


Academic position: PhD, University of Strasbourg

Key words: Soviet Union, France, Sports diplomacy, Transnational influences, Cultural relations

François Doppler-Speranza

Title: PhD


Academic position: University of Strasbourg

Key words: basketball, US cultural and political history, public diplomacy, women and culture

Deborah Guazzoni

Title: Undergraduate student


Academic position: Independant Scholar

Key words: Microhistory, Women's Sport, Sport International Relationships, Gymnastic, Cycling Mouvements.

Sylvain Dufraisse

Title: PhD


Academic position: Senior Lecturer, Université of Nantes

Key words: Soviet Union, Cold War, Elite sport, Socialist sport

Rory Flindall

Title: PhD candidate


Academic position: Lecturer/Researcher, German Sport University Cologne

Key words: Paralympic Studies, Media, Olympic Studies, History, Legacy

Yarden Har Lev

Title: MA Student 


Academic position: Staff member, The Academic College at Wingate; Researcher, Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln

Key words: Olympic History, Olympic Education, Israel at the Olympics, Media, Football

Axel G. Elias Jimenez

Title: PhD


Academic position: King's College London

Key words: Political participation, Resistance, Cultural diplomacy

George Kioussis

Title: PhD


Academic position: Assistant Professor, California State University, Northridge

Key words: football, globalization, (trans)nationalism, exceptionalism, diplomacy

Lindsay Sarah Krasnoff

Title: PhD

Academic Position: Independent Scholar

Key Words: France, Cold War, Football, Basketball, Public Diplomacy

Lidia Lesnykh

Title: PhD student

Academic Position: PhD student, University of Lausanne

Key Words: International Sport, FISU, Cold War, Sport Diplomacy

Johanna Mellis

Title: PhD 


Academic position: Assistant Professor, Ursinus College (PA, US)

Key words: Eastern Europe, World/Global history, Cold War, Oral history and Memory Studies, Authoritarianism

Kevin Tallec Marston

Title: PhD


Academic position: Research Fellow & Academic Project Manager, CIES (Switzerland) & Honorary Visiting Research Fellow, De Montfort University (UK)

Key words: History of Youth & Childhood, History of European football, American football (soccer) history, Governance and sporting institutions (UEFA, FIFA…)

Igor Martinache

Title: PhD


Academic position: Associate professor, University of Lille

Key words: political science, history, communist sport, politics, teachers, France.

Souvik Naha

Title: PhD 


Academic position: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellowship, Durham University

Key words: Cricket, Football, South Asia, Global history, Postcolonial studies, Narrative and visual theories

Claire Nicolas

Title: PhD


Academic position: University of Lausanne, SciencesPoParis

Key words: Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Youth movement, Education, Gender, Intersectionnality, (post)colonial sport, Modernity building

Cyril Polycarpe

Title: PhD


Academic position: Senior Lecturer, University of Franche-Comté (Besançon)

Key words: Olympic history, Sports elite, Governance and Olympics institutions (CIO, Olympic Movement), Contemporary history of bodies education in France.

Kamil Potrzuski

Title: PhD


Academic position: Researcher in Józef Piłsudski University of Physical Education in Warsaw

Key words: sporting facilities, infrastructure, development, Olympic efforts, Warsaw

Grégory Quin

Title: PhD


Academic position: Senior lecturer, University of Lausanne

Key words: Football, Gymnastics, Ski, Archives, Switzerland

Keith Rathbone

Title: PhD


Academic position: Lecturer, Macquarie University (Australia)

Key words: France, Sport, Vichy, Football/Soccer

Nicola Sbetti

Title: PhD


Academic position: Tutor, University of Bologna

Key words: Sport and international politics, Sport history, Italy, Contemporary history, Olympic Games, Cortina 1956.

Stefan Scholl

Title: PhD


Academic position: Head of project, University of Mannheim

Key words: Council of Europe, Europeanisation, Sport for All, Biopolitics, Sports Knowledge

Amanda Shuman

Title: PhD

Academic position: Researcher and Lecturer, University of Freiburg (Germany)

Key words: History, China, socialist sport, Cold War, sports diplomacy, transnational sport

Daniele Serapiglia

Title: PhD


Academic position: Postdoc, IHC – FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Key words: History, Football, Volleyball, Gender, Transnational influences

Juan Antonio Simon

Title: PhD


Academic position: Professor, Universidad Europea de Madrid (Madrid). Head of the Sports Science Department.

Key words: Sports Diplomacy, Football, Spain, Olympic history, Oral history

Daniel Svensson

Title: PhD


Academic position: Associate senior lecturer in sport management, Malmö University


Key words: History, Ski, Cross-country skiing, Sweden, Europe

Quentin Tonnerre

Title: PhD candidate


Academic position: Graduate Assistant, University of Lausanne

Key words: Sports Diplomacy, History, Switzerland, Olympic Studies

Philippe Vonnard

Title: PhD


Academic position: SNSF Senior lecturer, University of Lausanne

Key words : History, Football, Europe, Organization, Sports leaders

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